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Aromatherapy Massage
The aromatherapy massage is the combination of specially selected essential oils and a gentle but very effective signature aromatherapy massage technique that includes Swedish massage, lymphatic massage, acupressure, reflex points and polarity therapy (Micheline Arcier Technique) which promotes deep holistic healing, relaxation and wellbeing.
At each massage, after an initial consultation, a unique essential oil blend is designed and created for you using pure essential oils that are individually, specifically and therapeutically selected for you.
The aromatherapy massage can be beneficial for:

  • Stress relief &to reduce anxiety &tension
  • Muscular aches & pains
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate & supports the immune system
  • Mental & physical fatigue
  • Promote relaxation, rest, deeper sleep
  • Rejuvenate, restore and tonify body systems
  • A whole range of emotional issues including grief, sadness & loss, shock & trauma, depression, change & transformation etc
  • Instil balance, clarity, peace & wellbeing

Come and experience an aromatherapy massage with Hannah in a safe, supportive, empowering and gentle space. 

Hannah is a professional aromatherapist with a Diploma of Aromatherapy, has completed advanced intensive study programs in France, was the curriculum writer for the Certificate IV and Diploma of Aromatherapy for a leading national Australian College and operates a successful private practice which includes aromatherapy massage, aromatherapy treatments, products, workshops and the author of two aromatherapy manuals.

Locations: Camberwell(By appointment only)

  • Aromatherapy massage- 1.15 hr ($95)

Phone: 0405 981 251
Or contact below:

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"A massage with Hannah is a unique and healing experience. After a brief conversation, she is quickly able to tune-in to what might be going on in my life. She then uses her significant knowledge of essential oils and their healing properties to choose appropriate oils, to use in the massage, that will be of most benefit to me at that particular time. The massage itself is sublime. Hannah obviously loves what she does and this translates into an experience in which I always feel safe, nurtured and more balanced in mind and body".  CB

"Hannah's Aromatherapy Angel massages have been a special experience for me. Preparing and pondering what I need to say to Hannah so she can choose the right oils to use for my massage is very helpful for me to understand what I'm living at the present moment and to put it into words before Hannah is very empowering for me.  My experience of the massage is very hard to express in words - very relaxing and "out of this world" come to mind.  Hannah creates a very sacred space and her intuition is amazing as she explains the power of the oils used.  I've also benefited by taking home a mixture of the oils used in my massage to further enhance the benefits of my massage experience and continue my transformation.  I would recommend Hannah's massages to anyone seeking to become the person their soul desires". MC

"Hannah’s aromatherapy massages are a beautiful blend of gentle touch, and fragrantly tranquil healing for the mind and body. She combines individually crafted oils for you alone from her intuitive understanding of your situation, discussed prior to the massage, and creates a beautiful ambience which will make you want the massage to go on and on. The space is warm and all-encompassing as you are carried into a nurturing relaxed feeling of peace and calmness. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough, and I look forward to each visit to bring me to a greater mindfulness of heart and soul". SM
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